What Are Some Good Anti-Aging Makeup Tips?


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Good anti-aging makeup tips include moisturizing, using skin care products with the right ingredients and using the right brush. The eye shadow should contain the right ingredients, and the under-eye concealer should have the same shade as the foundation. Other tips include using a gold-based foundation and warm, bright colors.

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Moisturizing and hydrating the skin is the key to having a supple skin. Before application of the foundation, the concealer and the loose powder, one should moisturize the skin while it is still damp from the shower. Failure to moisturize the skin makes an anti-aging makeup worthless.

Using warm colors helps prevent aging skin from looking dull and pale. The foundation should be lighter than the skin tone by a half-shade. A foundation with a lighter shade helps dim the dark circles under the eyes. Loose powder over the concealer helps hide the color difference, leaving a smooth shade.

One should take it easy with the makeup to prevent overdoing it. An overly made-up skin looks even older than it already is. Avoiding excessive makeup is essential especially along the fine lines and wrinkles, preventing them from looking even more noticeable. One should expose some fresh skins and the facial bone structure. Fresh skin looks youthful when well hydrated.

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