What Are Some Good Ammonia-Free Hair Color Products?

Hair care companies that offer ammonia-free air color products include Olia by Garnier and INOA from L'oreal. Shea Moisture's hair color also receives high ratings, along with products from Organic Color Systems.

Shea Moisture Ammonia-Free Hair Color consistently earns high reviews, as of 2015. Available in 12 colors, the company explains that the product is made with natural ingredients, such as soy protein, flax seed oil and shea butter. Reviewers state that the product leaves their hair feeling moisturized and gives it a vibrant color.

Garnier's Olia ammonia-free hair colorant also receives high marks. The ingredients in this product are 60-percent plant based, with an emphasis on natural oils. Reviews state that mixing the product is easy, though some find the application bottle difficult to hold. Many users complimented its flowery scent and reported that it adequately covered gray hair. Reviewers also appreciate the soft texture of their hair after completion of the coloring process.

L'oreal's INOA hair color line ranks high among do-it-yourself users and professionals. This was the first ammonia-free hair color offered by a major beauty manufacturer. Reviewers approve of its coverage of grays and conditioning properties.

Organic Color Systems rates high for performance and boasts a 100-percent organic ingredient list. In addition to offering ammonia-free coloring, it also contains no parabans or sulphates.