What Is a Gold Melting Kit?


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A gold melting kit is a set of tools for melting gold. There are different sorts of gold melting kits: one sort is for melting gold with a flame torch, and the other is for melting gold in a microwave. Gold melting kits are sold at online stores like Gold Refining Supplies and also eBay and Amazon.

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A gold melting kit for melting gold with a torch typically contains; a graphite crucible cup or another kind of heat-resistant material cup for melting the gold, heat resistant tongs, an ingot mold and borax flux for casting. A gold melting kit for melting gold in the microwave, like the Microwave Gold Kiln, usually contains a microwave kiln, more than one one-shot crucibles, tongs, a stainless steel stirring rod, refining flux and casting molds. In addition to the contents of the molding kits, there are other pieces of safety equipment needed when melting gold, and these are: a leather apron, eye protection, heat proof gloves, a respiratory mask and a heat resistant surface for the crucibles.

The basic process of melting gold with a strong source of heat isn't complicated, but there are high safety precautions to be taken. This is why it is very important to research the subject of melting gold thoroughly before actually doing it.

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