What Is a Gold Facial Mask?

gold-facial-mask Credit: Betsie Van der Meer/Stone/Getty Images

A gold facial mask is a beauty treatment that can involve placing 24-karat gold in either sheet or powder form on the face. Although 24-karat gold is the main ingredient in gold facial masks, other ingredients can be mixed in. One treatment contains a mixture of collagen, plant extracts and 24-karat gold in powder form.

Another gold mask facial has gold flakes with sheep placenta. Before applying a sheet gold mask, the skin is cleansed, steamed and a serum is applied. A person can get these treatments in a salon, but kits are available with a gold scrub and cream for home use.

A gold facial mask has skin benefits that include reduction of fine wrinkles, skin rejuvenation and the elimination of skin toxins. Other benefits include treating sun damage and skin inflammation.