How Do You Do Goddess Braids?

How Do You Do Goddess Braids?

Make goddess braids by dividing the hair into sections. Weave synthetic hair into the head, and braid down the back.

  1. Section the hair

    Separate the hair into sections to indicate the direction of the braids.

  2. Select synthetic hair

    Secure three pieces of synthetic hair that are the same color as the hair's roots as well as the same length. Measure out so that one piece is one-third thick and the other portions are two-thirds thick, and wind these pieces together.

  3. Craft the goddess braids

    Part the section of the hair intended for the braid. Put the synthetic hair in the middle of this section. Braid down the back by weaving the natural hair into the extensions, and attach additional extensions to increase the size of the braids. Cut off any stray strands upon completion of braids.

  4. Apply water and styling products

    Lower the tips of the braids into a container of thermal water. Surround the dampened braids with towels to soak up the heat. Massage mousse and gel into the braids.

  5. Comb the top of the head

    Run the tip of a rat-tail comb across the top of the head to remove any additional stray hairs.

  6. Spray and dry the braids

    Apply oil sheen to the hair. Sit under a hair dryer for approximately ten minutes.

  7. Maintain the braids

    Wrap a scarf around the head each night prior to sleep, and remove it in the morning.