How Do You Give Yourself a Haircut With Clippers?

How Do You Give Yourself a Haircut With Clippers?

There are many ways to cut your own hair with clippers, and the following method involves using two mirrors and several comb attachments to create a very short buzzcut. The required supplies are a hair clipper with standard attachments, a wall mirror, a hand mirror, a broom, a dust pan and a comb. Each haircut takes about 20 minutes.

  1. Prepare your hair and the clipper

    Comb your clean, dry hair. Snap a 3/8-inch comb attachment over the clipper blades.

  2. Clip from the forehead

    Place the flat part of the comb attachment on your hairline, and slowly move the clipper back over the crown of your head. Make a series of parallel passes from your forehead to the back of the crown, and then make parallel horizontal strokes across the crown.

  3. Change the attachment and clip the sides

    Turn the clipper off, and remove the comb. Replace it with a 1/4-inch attachment. Place the flat part at sideburn level. Move the clipper straight up toward the ceiling; do not follow the curvature of your skull.

  4. Buzz the back

    Stand with your back to the wall mirror, and pick up the hand mirror. Keep the back of your head in view as you place the clipper at the nape of your neck, and draw it up toward the ceiling. Use the same technique that you used on the sides.

  5. Inspect your hair

    Examine the sides and back of your head for hard lines and missed areas. Fix problem spots with additional clipper passes.

  6. Blend the cut

    Turn the clipper off, remove the attachment, and replace it with the 1/8-inch comb. Place the clipper at sideburn level and pull it up, rocking it outward as you move. Use this technique to make parallel, vertical blending passes around the sides and back of your head.

  7. Outline and polish the edges

    Turn the clipper off, and remove the attachment. Turn the clipper on, and flip it upside down. Cut a clean line around your neck. Turn the clipper right side up, and remove all the hair below the line.

  8. Clean up

    Clean up your work area with the broom and dustpan. Blow on the clipper blade to remove stray hair fragments.