How Do You Give Yourself a Body Piercing?

To give yourself a body piercing, sanitize a needle, and then push the needle through the area you wish to pierce in a fast and fluid motion. Once the needle is halfway through, place one end of the jewelry of choice in the hole, and pull the jewelry through to rest inside the piercing hole.

When giving yourself a body piercing, it is important to sanitize your hands by washing them before piercing or to wear sterile gloves. It is also important to sterilize the piercing needle with an alcohol pad or use a flame to burn the end of the needle. This step reduces the chance of infection. To further reduce the risk of infection, use an annular needle or hollow needle. Professional piercers use annular needles.

Determine the exact spot to pierce on the ear, bellybutton, nose or other body part, and mark the area with a pen. Wipe the area with alcohol before piercing. Reduce the pain by numbing the area with ice. Use a clamp to provide a straight and accurate piercing and further numb the area. Finish the piercing by lightly cleaning the new piercing with saline solution.

One technique is to use thread instead of jewelry to maintain the piercing for the first week. Leave the first jewelry in your piercing for at least four to six weeks, and clean and disinfect the piercing two to three times a day.