How Do You Give a Layered Haircut?


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Give a layered haircut by cutting hair from the back of the head towards the face. Have the person receiving the haircut lean forward to create an automatic angle with which to work.

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Wrap a towel around the person's neck, and cover her body with a salon cape. Thoroughly wash the hair to eliminate any styling products and oils. Apply a leave-in conditioner by spraying the middle of the hair and working the product towards the ends so as to have control while combing and cutting. Starting at the center of the head, divide the hair into two sections, and use a clip to keep each side in place. Ensure that the person sits with her legs uncrossed as an uneven body position can create non-symmetrical layers.

Have the person tilt forward. Start at one side of the head, and cut forward horizontally from the back ends of the hair until you reach the facial area. Repeat on the other side of the head, and make sure that the person keeps leaning forward. Bear in mind that the shortest layers should always surround the face. After cutting the hair, lift up the person's head, and let the layers take shape.

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