How Do You Give Your Hair a Messy Look?

give-hair-messy-look Credit: Marie Killen/Moment/Getty Images

To give your hair a messy look, find the right cut for your hair, choose the correct product for the texture and length of your hair, and style your hair using the hair product and the appropriate appliance. Creating a messy look can take anywhere from five to 45 minutes and requires a brush, a hair dryer, the right hair product, a mirror and sometimes a curling iron.

  1. Find the right cut

    Experiment with different haircuts and lengths. This may require trying different hair salons and stylists. This is especially important for shorter haircuts. Spiking your hair on top requires at least 2 inches of hair on the top and shorter hair on the sides. Creating a messy look typically works best when the hair is cut in layers, regardless of length or texture.

  2. Choose the correct hair product

    Determine what type of hair product works best for the length and texture of your hair. Pomade works very well for short hair. Texturizing spray or scrunching spray works great on medium-length hair. Salt spray and dry shampoo are great for long hair.

  3. Style your hair

    Use your fingertips to rake pomade through your hair if it is short. If you have medium-length hair, try letting it partially air dry before scrunching it and drying it with a diffuser. For long hair, use a curling iron to make big curls. Switch the direction of each curl, and use your fingers to brush the curls out for a messier texture.