Why Do Girls Wear Thumb Rings?

Girls wear thumb rings as a fashion statement, according to LoveRingReviews.com. The types of thumb rings worn can also exhibit certain character traits. A gold ring is an older custom, and elaborate thumb rings can serve as a fashionable choice, or to declare social status.

LoveRingReviews.com goes on to say that adorned rings are generally worn by people in upper levels of society. Women can also wear it in memory of their husbands who may have died in battle. It can also mean that a woman is open for a sexual encounter.

In regards to sexual orientation, women may wear gold thumb rings to let people know they are in a same-sex relationship. Many people around the world believe a thumb ring on a woman means she is gay. Wearing a thumb ring on the left hand can also mean that a person is single or open to a new relationship. Couples often wear thumb rings as a way of expressing love and commitment.

Thumb rings can also express individuality and thought. A ring on the thumb can also signify strength and courage. LongRingReviews.com mentions that a thumb ring on the left hand means faith and hope, while sporting it on the right hand represents logic and intelligence.