What Are Some Girlie Tattoo Ideas?


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Those interested in girlie tattoo ideas gravitate to designs that feature colorful flowers, plants, trees, delicate scrolling, butterflies, cute characters such as cartoon ponies, zodiac signs, angel wings and other popular girlie images. Lots of girlie tattoo ideas can be found by browsing various websites dedicated to displaying tattoo art. The best tattoo artists can recreate any image that looks appealing on a woman's arms, shoulders, back, legs and hands.

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Tattoo designs can appear just as bold and striking on women as they do on men. Some women want a large portion of their body covered with images of flowers, leaves and vines. Others may opt for an angel wing that covers the forearm. Still, some women may like a small image of a delicious cupcake on a thigh. Mixing words with images is another idea. For instance, a meaningful saying may accompany a favorite image.

It is a good idea to take time to decide which design is the right one, according to About.com. There is no need to rush into such an important decision. The permanent nature of tattoos means that the design is going to be seen on the body forever unless a person undergoes expensive tattoo removal. For the best results, select an artist whose portfolio includes great-looking girlie tattoos.

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