Does Getting a Thigh Tattoo Hurt?

The pain of getting a tattoo depends on the part of the thigh. According to the commonly used tattoo pain scale of 1 to 4, a frontal thigh tattoo rates a 1, side thigh tattoo rates a 2, back of thigh rates 3, and inner thigh tattoo rates 4.

Permanent tattoos are produced by using needles to repeatedly inject colored ink below the skin's surface. The pain is described as being like a needle dragging across the skin. After receiving a tattoo, skin can be red, sore, and has been described as feeling like an "itchy sunburn" for several days. Every person has a different level of pain tolerance, however.

To alleviate tattoo pain, use a cold pack and take an antihistamine. Non-prescription anti-inflammatory pain medications such as Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, or Aspirin will also treat pain. Call your doctor if there is any sign of infection or an allergic reaction or if the skin has not healed after a period of two weeks.