Who Gets Tattoos?


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Many different types of people get tattoos for many different reasons. For example, a tattoo could commemorate a loved one, it could capture a memory, it could be a form of artistic expression or it could be an impulsive mistake.

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Who Gets Tattoos?
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According to Smithsonian Magazine, tattooing is a Polynesian process that was first recorded in the West in 1769. Tattoos are universal among almost all cultures. There is not one certain type of person who gets tattooed.

According to a Harris Poll, one in five American adults has a tattoo. Broken down by region, tattoos are most common in the West with 26 percent of adults in that region reporting that they have been inked. In the East and Midwest, 21 percent have a tattoo, and in the South, 18 percent admitted to having one. People aged 30 to 39 are most likely to have some form of ink, and women are more likely than men. Tattoos can serve as a way to display art on the body, show a person’s political stance, hint at a person’s interests or display a portrait of a loved one.

However, getting a tattoo is a serious choice that shouldn't taken lightly. The Daily Mail reports that one in six people regret getting a tattoo and would consider having it removed.

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