What Are Gel Twists?


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Gel twists, also known as twistouts, are a hair style for black men and women that involves curling or twisting the hair with hair gel. This style is popular for women who are transitioning hair, or taking a break from heat and chemical relaxers.

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To create gel twists, wash the hair and gently pat it dry with a towel until it is damp. Take a section of hair and separate it into two strands, then coat it with a combination of hair gel and shea or mango butter. To form the twists, work one end of the hair over the other into tight twists until reaching the end, and secure the twist with a clip or band.

The hair must dry overnight for the twists to hold. After the hair is thoroughly dry, remove the clips, and let the twist fall in its natural direction. Properly done twists can last up to two weeks.

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