How Do You Do Gel Nails at Home?

How Do You Do Gel Nails at Home?

To do gel nails at home, shape your nails with a file, and clean them with a cleanser. Apply the polish foundation, cure it under a nail lamp, and apply gel polish. Finally, apply a topcoat and moisturizer.

  1. Prepare your nails

    Push back your cuticles with an orangewood stick, and shape your nails with a nail file. Wipe off any dust from your nails with a cleanser-soaked pad. Apply gel polish bond, and let the nails dry.

  2. Apply gel polish foundation

    Brush on gel polish foundation, and insert your hands in the nail lamp to cure the foundation. Use a cleanser to remove the sticky layer that results from curing.

  3. Apply polish

    Apply gel nail polish, and cure your nails under a nail lamp. Repeat this procedure as needed.

  4. Apply topcoat and moisturizer

    Apply gel polish topcoat, and cure it under the lamp. Finally, moisturize your hands with cuticle oil.