What Is a Gel Nail Kit?


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A gel nail kit is a do-it-yourself starter kit for applying gel polish to the nails. It can cost anything from $25 to $150. As of August 2014, gel kits have become a very popular solution among women, because they are much more cost-effective and affordable than a visit to the beauty salon.

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What Is a Gel Nail Kit?
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A gel nail kit must include a small UV lamp, a base coat, a colored nail polish or gel strips, a top coat, a file and a buffer and instructions. The kit also may include polish remover, gel remover, cuticle oil or other items. There are many manufacturers that produce gel nail kits, so before going out and buying one it is best to do some research and to see which kits have the best reviews from consumers and are best regarded among beauty experts.

The basic steps in applying gel to the nails are as follows. First the basecoat is applied, then a coat of the colored polish or the gel strips are applied, and finally the top coat is put on. Between each step it is necessary to dry the nails in the UV lamp. Before starting a gel manicure, nails must be prepared and shaped with a file, and cuticles must be cleared.

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