What Gel Nail Designs Are Frequently Featured in Galleries?


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The gel nail designs that are frequently featured in galleries are unique and different from those that are commonly seen everyday. Many of them are one-of-a-kind works of art that have proven themselves worthy of being put on display.

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Many of these designs feature contrasting color combinations, such black and purple, baby pink and gray, and yellow and green, and some have even jumped on the ombre bandwagon. Like ombre hair, ombre nails start off dark and gradually fade to a much lighter shade of that same color. This is done by painting each nail a shade lighter than the one before it.

Another trend frequently featured in gel nail galleries is the custom-designed look. Some of the most common of these designs are leopard prints in various colors, tribal symbols, sparkles and holiday themes.

The accent manicure is another popular style that is frequently seen in many online galleries in 2015. This is when the nail on the pointer finger, or the nail on the index finger, of each hand is painted in a contrasting hue to the four remaining nails. Sometimes it is painted the same shade, but it is stylized with a design that the other fingernails lack.

Gel nail galleries also display differences in nail shape by showcasing stiletto, or pointed nails, rounded nails and nails that are filed flat.

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