How Do You Gauge Your Ears?

How Do You Gauge Your Ears?

To stretch the gauge of the piercing in your ears, determine what size your gauge currently is, and use tapers to slowly stretch your ears to the next gauge jewelry. Allow your stretched ear to heal for a few weeks before attempting to increase the gauge again.

  1. Determine the current size of your jewelry

    Compare your jewelry to a jewelry chart to determine your current size.

  2. Purchase jewelry and taper

    Buy the taper that moves from your current size to the next size larger. Buy jewelry in the next gauge also. Remember gauges go from larger to smaller even numbers.

  3. Stretch lobe using the taper

    Remove your jewelry, and slowly insert your taper with the small end first. Going slowly keeps your ear from ripping. Follow the taper with your upsized jewelry.

  4. Allow your ear to heal

    It can take two or three weeks for your newly stretched ear to heal. Wait until your ear is ready to stretch to the next size. Never skip a step or move too quickly, otherwise you could risk injury.