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GatorSkins is an American clothing line owned by Michael Burke, a U.S. war veteran and avid motorcycle rider. GatorSkin is manufactured in the United States and was created after Burke was unable to find warm, nonbulky clothing to wear while riding motorcycles on long trips. After trying out a number of prototypes, GatorSkins officially opened in 2007.

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GatorSkins clothes are made from a microfiber that is smaller than red blood cells, according to the GatorSkins website. This tightly woven, light material is made so that it keeps air close to the body. The body heats the air, keeping the rider warmer without being weighed down by bulky clothes. While GatorSkin was made for motorcycle riders, the company website states that it is good for any kind of outdoor activity. The shirts are made with knitted cuffs to keep warm air in and to keep them from riding up or slipping. The knitted cuffs also keep the sleeves close to the body for comfort and safety. The material is specially made so that if it gets a hole in it, it will not unravel or continue to tear, and the weave is knitted in a lock knit pattern to make it more durable and long lasting.

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