What Is a Galvanic Facial Treatment?

A Galvanic facial treatment involves the use of electric currents to rejuvenate and stimulate the skin. This treatment helps to facilitate the transport of important nutrients into the skin to improve circulation, cleansing, radiance and hydration. As a result, it helps to smooth out wrinkles, increase the flow of blood and tighten muscles.

This treatment is usually given at many spas, and a single session lasts for approximately 1 hour. The first step is cleaning and drying the skin using a special gel with a negative charge. This step is referred to as desincrustation, which helps to cleanse the skin pores. The gel with negative ions is removed using a damp washcloth and a second gel with positive ions is applied to the skin. The second gel is left on the skin during the use of the equipment.

The gel with the positive charge is used to provide nutrition to the skin. This process is referred to as iontophoresis. The esthetician uses a special messenger with a chrome base to conduct current into the skin. This helps to redistribute energy throughout the skin.

A Galvanic treatments is not only used on the face, but also the entire body. It can be used to reduce cellulite and improve blood circulation.