How Do You Do Galaxy Nail Art?


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A galaxy nail art design may be accomplished using many different designs and colors. To achieve a basic galaxy design, required materials include seven or eight different nail polishes: a dark shade for the base color, a light color, two to three bright colors, a glitter polish, a base coat and a top coat. Tools required to create galaxy nails include a cosmetic sponge and a piece of paper.

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After applying the desired base coat, use the dark shade as a base color for the galaxy design. Apply one or two coats of the dark color to the nails. Be sure to allow each layer to dry before moving on to the next. Then, sponge a layer of light color onto the nails. This serves as the base of your nebula. For the next layer, use the sponge to dab a bright color of polish across the nail thinly. Use the paper to remove excess polish from the sponge whenever necessary. Repeat this process with the second and third colors, or use more colors if desired. Blend colors together using the sponge. Apply one or more coats of glitter polish across the nail to create "stars." Nail polishes containing glitter pieces of varying sizes create dimension. Finally, apply a top coat to ensure the nail art's longevity.

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