What Is a G-String Monokini?


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A g-string monokini is a type of women's beachwear inspired by the more popular, two-piece bikini design. In countries where topless bathing is acceptable, the most popular version of the monokini is chest-bearing, consisting solely of a bikini bottom, and in some cases, a g-string.

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Another version of the monokini draws more inspiration from the traditional, one-piece swimsuit, while still closely resembling the two-piece bikini. That is, there are typically large portions of the chest and back exposed. In a g-string monokini, specifically, the bottoms consist of a narrow strip of material covering the genitals and settling between the buttocks, exposing most or all of the rear. This style of swimsuit is considered particularly provocative and may not be acceptable attire for all public pools or beaches.

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