What Are Some Fun Designs You Can Make With Body Paint?


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One fun body paint design is to paint the subject person the same color as the wall or floor, so it looks like the person is part of the background. Alternatively, body paint can make a person blend in with nature if the artist uses neutral colors or paints leaves and other naturally-occurring shapes that give the body a natural, outdoorsy look.

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A common body paint design is to paint on the appearance of clothes. An artist can make a person look like they're wearing a football jersey, a business suit or a shirt. Swimwear is a unique and artistic choice for body paint, because the design makes the subject look like as if the subject is wearing a bathing suit.

Some body paint designs encompass the entire body while others cover only a part of the body. Some designs are intricate and repetitive such as a series of butterflies in various shapes or flowing lines that wrap around the body. Alternatively, some designs are bold and simple such as painting the entire body gold or blue.

Another common body paint design is finger body paint. This type of body paint covers only the finger, and attempts to blend the finger in with another small object, like a match box car. Body paint designs often utilize more than one subject and artists often stage multiple subjects to interact. For longer-lasting body paint, henna-based body paint lasts longer than latex-based paints. The artist's design may influence the choice of paint, because henna-based paint creates a more natural look while latex-based paint creates bright colors.

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