How Do You Fringe Shirts?


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To fringe a shirt, cut off the hem, and cut vertical fringe strips. Add one or more beads to each fringe strip, and tie a knot in the bottom to keep the beads in place.

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  1. Prepare the shirt

    Select a long knit shirt or a shirt in a fabric that won't fray. Cut off the bottom hem of the shirt. If you want the fringe to fall in a curved shape, cut the shape directly into the shirt tail.

  2. Mark the fringe length

    Decide how long you want the fringe to be. Measure that length up from the center of the shirt fabric, and make a mark with a washable fabric marker. Continue around the bottom of the shirt, making small dots as you go. Connect the dots with a line.

  3. Cut the fringe

    Starting from the bottom of the shirt, cut straight up to your fringe line. Move the scissors over 1/2 inch, and repeat the cut. Do the same around the bottom of the shirt.

  4. Secure the fringe

    Slide one or more plastic beads onto a fringe strip to keep them in place. Tie the end of the strip in a small knot. Repeat the process around the edge of the shirt until every fringe strip has a bead.

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