What Are Friendship Tattoo Designs?


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When best friends decide to get tattoos to make a statement about their friendship, they can choose between symbolic flower designs, bracelet tattoos, lettering that denotes the friendship, matching or mirror-image tattoos or symbols of friendship. Friends also often choose puzzle piece tattoos or separate tattoos that, when held together, convey a message or complete a picture.

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According to Tattoo Designs of All Kinds, many flowers hold symbolic meanings connoting friendship or affection, and these make good tattoo choices for friends. Some of the best flower choices include a pink carnation, which means "I will never forget you"; a chrysanthemum meaning "You are a wonderful friend", an iris with the meaning "Your friendship means so much to me", or a pale rose, geranium or wallflower, all of which stand for friendship.

Groups of friends sometimes choose matching bracelet tattoos reminiscent of the friendship bracelets they may have shared in school. Some friends choose to have the Japanese kanji for "friendship" as a tattoo, or choose the word "friend" in other languages. Friends also sometimes choose to have mirror image tattoos that create a complete pattern when they hold the tattooed body parts together.

Certain traditional symbols for friendship also work well as friendship tattoos. The pineapple and turtle are both symbols of friendship and harmony, and the Celtic claddagh symbol, in which two hands hold a heart which is topped by a crown, stands for loyalty.

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