How Frequently Should a Person Shower?

frequently-should-person-shower Credit: Peter Cade/The Image Bank/Getty Images

The frequency with which a person showers is a choice that depends on the individual's personal and cultural preferences. Many people shower frequently because of social pressure, since dirt and body odor are viewed negatively in society, according to Columbia University's Alice! Health Promotion.

The goal of showering is to eliminate dirt, odor and dead skin cells from the body. As a result, bathing once these elements become noticeable is encouraged, especially in Western society.

In areas without running water, bathing is less prevalent. These societies tend to place less importance on cleanliness, since it is very difficult to keep clean without indoor plumbing.

Good hygiene can prevent disease, but failing to shower daily does not have an adverse effect on a person's health. Other methods of keeping clean work just as well as a shower, as long as proper hygiene is maintained.