What Are Some Frequently Asked Questions During Beauty Pageants?

Many beauty pageant questions have to do with current events. As of 2015, these might include the separation of church and state, texting while driving, gay marriage and environmental issues. Others involve personal responses, asking for three adjectives that describe the contestant or how the contestant sets goals for herself.

The purpose of pageant questions is not only to determine whether the contestant has put some thought into some important issues of the day and come up with a personal plan of success for herself, but also to see how she responds when given a question that she does not know beforehand. This is why pageant organizers often provide sample questions and urge contestants to remain familiar with current events.

With issue-based questions, the host likely asks what the contestant's position is on the topic with question. He might ask about recent court cases, mass shootings, the contestant's opinion about an ongoing election or the performance of a sitting officeholder. Some more random questions have to do with topics such as a bad decision the contestant has made, the contestant's personal experience with stereotyping on the basis of beauty or things that she considers to be a luxury in life. It's impossible to memorize answers to all of these, but having ideas in mind by reviewing possible questions is a helpful strategy.