How Do You Do a French Manicure?

How Do You Do a French Manicure?

To do a French manicure, clip, file and soak the nails, apply moisturizer, apply a base coat, paint the nail tips white, and dry the nails. This 45-minute process requires nail clippers, a file, oil, water, a bowl, a towel, an orange stick, lotion, exfoliant, cuticle cream and nail polish.

  1. Clip and shape the nails

    Clip the nails straight across, and round the edges with a file. Move the file in one direction only to avoid tearing the nails.

  2. Soak the nails

    Put warm water in a small bowl, and add several drops of jojoba or almond oil. Soak the nails for five minutes, then blot the hands with a towel.

  3. Exfoliate and moisturize the hands

    Scrub the hands with exfoliating body polish, and rinse with warm running water. Apply moisturizer, and rub the hands together until the skin absorbs the product. Dip a cotton ball in water, wrap part of it around an orange stick, and gently push back the cuticles.

  4. Apply nail polish

    Apply a thin coat of light, neutral polish. Choose a shade that mimics the nail beds' natural hue. Wait two or three minutes, apply opaque white polish to the nail tips, and cover the nails with a clear base coat.

  5. Dry the polish

    Dry the polish for at least 20 minutes.