How Do You French Braid?


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To make a French braid, pick up three equal sections of hair from the center of the hairline, pass the left and right sections alternately over the middle section, pick up additional hair from the sides of the head before each pass, and secure the braid with an elastic band. This 15-minute process requires a hairbrush and a hair elastic.

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  1. Brush and prepare the hair

    Brush the hair with a paddle brush. Pick up a 2-inch section of hair from the center of the hairline, and separate it into three equal pieces. Hold the right piece in your right hand and the left piece in your left hand. Pinch the middle section between the thumb and forefinger of either hand.

  2. Begin the braid

    Pass the left section over the middle, and then pass the right section over the middle. Repeat both motions.

  3. Pick up additional hair

    Hold the braid in your left hand, and use your right forefinger to pick up a small piece of hair from above your right ear. Incorporate the new section into the right braid strand, and pass it over the middle piece. Hold the braid with your right hand, and pick up some hair from above your left ear. Combine it with the left braid strand, and pass it over the middle. Continue braiding with this technique until you reach the nape of the neck.

  4. Braid the tail

    Keep braiding until you reach the bottom inch of hair, and secure the braid with a hair elastic.

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