What Is a French Bikini Wax?

A French bikini wax is a type of hair removal style for women to remove the hair around the bikini line while leaving a small vertical strip of pubic hair on the pubic bone. The hair is removed by applying a sticky wax that adheres to the hair, and then pulling the wax and hair off of the body.

Bikini waxes are a popular method of hair removal for women. The term refers to the removal of hair around bottom bikini line using wax that is typically done at a waxing salon. There are three regular styles of bikini waxing, known as the regular or American bikini wax, the French bikini wax, and the Brazilian bikini wax. American bikini waxes simply remove all hair that would not be covered by a bikini while French and Brazilian waxes remove more hair from the pubic bone.

Because French bikini waxes remove more hair than a regular wax and less than a Brazilian wax, it is more painful than a regular wax but not as painful as a Brazilian. The French wax leaves a little hair that is normally a vertical strip, but some salons offer French waxes that can leave hair in different styles.