How Do You Fray Shorts?

How Do You Fray Shorts?

To fray shorts, cut the ends to the length you want, drag a razor along the cut hem to distress them, and put the shorts into the washer and dryer. The movement created by the dryer further frays the denim.

  1. Cut a pair of jeans or shorts

    Take a pair of jeans or shorts, and create a line with a pen or a piece of tape where you want to cut them. Measure the cut to be slightly longer than you want the shorts to be so there is extra space for the material to fray. Cut the shorts in a "v" shape, making them longer in the middle and shorter on the sides.

  2. Drag a razor along the hem of the shorts

    Carefully drag a razor around the hem of the shorts. Use your fingers to pull on the hem, grabbing the material that has become loose. This frays the denim and creates a distressed look in the hem.

  3. Put the shorts in the washer and dryer

    Run the shorts through the washer, and then place them in the dryer with a low heat setting. The movement created in the washer and dryer gives the denim a more worn look, distresses the hems further, and creates more fray.