What Are Some Formal Hair Updo Ideas for Bridesmaids?


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Structured buns, sleek buns with fresh flowers, bohemian curls, French twists and braided crowns are all ideas for formal bridesmaid updos. Other ideas for formal updos for bridesmaids include twisted buns, low buns, pinned twists, sleek ponytails and buns with headbands or clips. Up-sweeps, braided buns and top knots are also ideal for formal bridesmaids' hair.

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Waterfall braids into a sleek or soft bun is a popular formal bridesmaid updo. To make a waterfall braid into a bun, first start a French braid over the right ear. Start the waterfall effect by pulling the left strand and hair from the top into the middle. Then, take the furthest right hair strand, and drop it down. Choose a new section of hair from behind the dropped right piece, and place this new section into the middle of the braid.

Repeat this pattern until the braid wraps all the way around to the left side. Once the braid reaches the other side, drop the right strand of hair, and wrap the left strand over the middle section. Use a bobby pun to secure the left strand. Hide the bobby pin with a new strand of hair.

Pull the hair hanging down unto a low bun, securing it with bobby pins.

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