Does Forever 21 Clothing Run Small?

forever-21-clothing-run-small Credit: Elvert Barnes/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Clothing sold by Forever 21 is considered junior sizes, which have a more narrow cut and tend to be shorter than misses or women's sizes. The clothes are designed to fit teenagers or young women, who generally have smaller curves. It is recommended that adults buy a size larger than they normally wear when buying junior-sized clothing.

Forever 21 provides sizing designated as XS to XL, rather than numbered sizes. Their website provides size charts so customers can determine the best fit. For women who do not fit the main sizes of the Forever 21 line, the company has additional brands: Love 21 and Forever 21 Plus. Love 21 is designed for women aged 25-45. The clothes have a larger fit and longer lines for a more modest look. Forever 21 Plus is the company's plus-size clothing line.