What Is the Food Lovers Diet?


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The Food Lovers Diet is a weight-loss program that helps participants regulate their blood sugar and eat in a manner that increases the body's fat-burning capability. It separates foods into fast carbohydrates, slow carbohydrates and protein, then teaches when and how to eat food from each category.

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What Is the Food Lovers Diet?
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Participants receive a 21-day-plan that pushes the body into burning fat instead of storing it, by resetting the metabolism. They also receive an instructional booklet on making meals focused on fat loss. Through pictures and diagrams, the book teaches how to best combine the different categories of food at each meal.

The diet plan also includes a restaurant adviser to help participants make good choices when eating out. A cookbook and meal planner are also provided, along with a snacking guide. A motivational CD provides daily tips and advice, while a maintenance guide helps dieters keep the weight off for the long term.

The Food Lovers Diet is designed as a eight-week plan. The company guarantees a loss of three dress or pants sizes within this time frame. Participants who do not reach this level of success can return the program for a refund.

The plan is offered through the website TryFoodLovers.com and is sold for $120 as of 2015.

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