What Font Is Tupac's Thug Life Tattoo?

Tupac's Thug Life tattoo is not a font, but hand lettering. The Thug Life tattoo is branded across Tupac's stomach, and the letter "i" is replaced with a bullet. Tupac got this tattoo in 1992 from Dago at Dago's Tattoo located in Houston.

Additional tattoos:

Tupac is noteworthy for having a wide array of different tattoos that symbolize his street life experience and mark his personal identity in society. The tattoos that he has includes:

  • the words "Makaveli" tattooed on his neck
  • The words "2pac" tattooed on the left side of his chest
  • A skull on his right arm
  • A skull and crossbones with "heartless" written above on his right arm
  • The words "notorious" tattooed on his right forearm
  • An image of an AK-47 with the words "50 Niggaz" tattooed on his upper stomach to represent individuals in all 50 states
  • A black panther on his left arm, which shows respect to his family ties with the gang, Black Panthers
  • The image of Jesus wearing a crown of thorns on a burning cross with the words "Only God Can Judge Me" on his left arm
  • The words "Outlaw" tattooed on his left arm to represent his own group
  • A Neferetiti with the words "2 Die 4" written underneath tattooed on his right chest