How Do You Fold a Dress Shirt?

fold-dress-shirt Credit: PM Images/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Fold a dress shirt face down by folding the sides and arms in and folding the bottom up two times. This extra preparation helps keep dress shirts from wrinkling in storage.

Storing clothes properly reduces the time it takes to prepare for work or a formal occasion. Follow these steps to learn how to fold a dress shirt.

  1. Spread shirt out face down
  2. Spread the shirt out facedown with arms flat beside the shirt. Button all buttons and arrange the collar.

  3. Find fold point
  4. Pinch the mid-point of the shoulder between the shoulder seam and collar. Run a finger on the other hand in a straight line down the shirt from this point to the shirt bottom; this is the folding point.

  5. Fold the shirt sides
  6. Fold each side of the shirt in, including the arms, along the left and right fold point. Crease and fold the arms down so that the cuffs are at the shirt bottom.

  7. Fold up the bottom
  8. Holding the shirt bottom and the arm cuffs in place, fold the bottom up to the middle of the shirt. Fold the new bottom of the shirt up so that it rests just below the shirt collar. Tuck in any fabric that has slipped out the sides of the folds.

  9. Check the fold
  10. Flip the folded shirt over and check that it looks good. When storing these shirts, don't place anything heavy on the collars.