How Do You Fold Clothes Military Style?

How Do You Fold Clothes Military Style?

Because military personnel often have very little room to pack and store clothing, they learn to fold clothing tightly to take up as little space as possible. This practice can be employed by anyone who wants to save space.

  1. Lay out the shirt

    Lay it flat on a bed or top of a dresser.

  2. Fold the sleeves inward

    Move the sleeves so they both are folded in toward the top middle of the shirt.

  3. Fold the bottom of the T-shirt behind

    Grab the bottom of the T-shirt and fold it backward behind the shirt. The bottom of the shirt should reach the location where the back of the sleeves are.

  4. Fold one side inward

    Grab the right side of the shirt and fold the whole side inward until it reaches the vertical center of the shirt.

  5. Fold inward again

    Take the left side of the shirt with your hand and fold it over the other side of the shirt. The left side should overlap over the right side.

  6. Roll the shirt

    Grab the shirt from the top and begin tightly rolling the shirt downward toward the bottom.

  7. Fold the flap over

    Take the top flap at the bottom of the shirt and roll it back over the rest of the shirt so that the shirt is covered. The shirt is now tight and compact.