How Do You Fold a Bandana Like a Gangster?

Fold a bandana diagonally, and cover your forehead with the longest edge of the bandana, to fold a bandana like a gangster. Create an authentic gangster look by choosing bandanas with street, tribal or graffiti prints.

  1. Choose the bandana

    Select a bandana with a classic red, blue or black and white print to look like a real gangster. Alternatively, choose a bold graffiti print or one with an elaborate tribal design.

  2. Fold the bandana

    Lay the bandana flat on a table. Hold one edge of the bandana, and fold it diagonally. Ensure that you leave a space of around 6 inches between the folded ends of the bandana.

  3. Tie the bandana

    Place the bandana on your head. Cover your head with the longest edge of the bandana, and ensure that it is centered on your head. Tie the two longest ends of the bandana at the back of your head. Use a square knot to tie the bandana to ensure the knot remains inconspicuous. Ensure that the bandana is tightly wrapped.

  4. Tuck in the edges

    Take the loose edges of the bandana, and tuck them into the seams. If the bandana loosens up later, untie and tighten the square knot to readjust the fit.