How Do You Fold a Bandana?

How Do You Fold a Bandana?

A bandanna is a square piece of cloth worn on the head or sometimes around the neck. Bandannas are most commonly used to keep sweat and hair out of the eyes. They are sometimes tied around the neck for use as a cloth to wipe the face during work. Traditionally, bandannas come in paisley prints.

  1. Prepare the materials

    Obtain a 24-inch square of soft cotton cloth. Spread it out flat on a clean surface.

  2. Begin folding the bandanna down

    Fold the top corner down to the middle of the cloth.

  3. Put the bandanna on the head

    Grasp the cloth on either side of the folded corner and place the folded corner against the forehead with the body of the cloth on top of the head.

  4. Cover the head

    Smooth the cloth down on top of the head and bring the corner to the nape of the neck.

  5. Tie the knot

    Bring the two side corners around to the back of the head. Make sure the corner of the cloth on top of the head is underneath the bandanna, and tie the two side corners together. Use a double knot and tie the cloth tightly to ensure it stays on the head.