What Is Folate Serum?


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"Folate serum" refers to the amount of folate, a B vitamin naturally present in many foods, in a person’s blood serum, explains the National Institutes of Health. Testing for folate involves having blood drawn by qualified personnel to confirm how much folate is present in the blood.

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Measuring the folate level gives an accurate indication of the particular amount recently introduced into the body. Additionally, measuring folate in the red blood cells indicates the amount kept in the body for continuing use, notes Mayo Clinic. Determining the serum folate levels is vital in establishing whether an individual has high levels or experiences a deficiency.

Most people can maintain sufficient serum folate levels by gaining the vitamin from natural sources, which include green, leafy vegetables, and those who supplement it may test as having elevated amounts. Medical professionals advise individuals with low serum folate levels to take folic acid supplements. Low folate serum levels result in anemia, heart palpitation or disease in adults and stunted growth in children. Conversely, high folate levels can initiate annexations in epileptic individuals. High levels of folate in the blood can also disguise vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms such as megaloblastic anemia, neuropathy and dementia, reports WebMD.

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