What Are Some Facts About Flagg Bros Shoes?

What Are Some Facts About Flagg Bros Shoes?

Flagg Brothers Shoes was a shoes and clothing company popular in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The shoe company was known for its men's platform shoes.

Flagg Brothers designed and manufactured funky platform shoes worn mostly by African American men. Flagg Brothers shoes were largely regarded in this demographic as the most stylish shoes on the market at the time. In addition to its various platform shoes, the company also sold lace-ups, slip-ons, boots, Oxfords and shoes with zippers.

The affordable pricing that Flagg Brothers offered set it apart from other companies. The motto of the company, as printed in many of its ads, was "One good thing leads to another." The styles of Flagg Brothers were compared to those of Eleganza, a company that sold much more expensive shoes.

Flagg Brothers originally started in Huntington Beach, California, but expanded to Nashville, Tennessee. The company was primarily a mail order business, offering free catalogs with a coupon that individuals clipped out of advertisements and mailed to the company. Often, these coupons offered a discount for shoe and clothing orders.

While Flagg Brothers primarily sold shoes, it also sold funky shirts, slacks, sweaters, belts and hats. When platform shoes were going out of style in the early 1980s, Flagg Brothers started designing shoes in new styles.