How Do You Fix Yellow/orange Hair?

Removing the yellow or orange tones from hair involves washing the hair with a violet-toned shampoo or using a toner; alternatively, lowlights can be added to cool the shades of the hair. Hair that turns orange or yellow is typically incorrectly lightened. Users may have chosen the wrong lightening agents or may have not left the solution on long enough.

Special purple shampoos can be used to balance out the tones in yellow or orange hair. They are effective because purple is opposite of orange on the color wheel, and they work to cancel out the orange or brassy tones in bad dye jobs. Toners can also be used to counteract unwanted orange or yellow color. Toner eliminates brassiness in the hair and is usually applied in a salon setting, although there are some brands that offer toners for DIY use at home. Lowlights can be used to correct color mistakes too; this works by reversing the look of orange tones when a darker blonde color is chosen. Most people should see a professional hair stylist for the application of lowlights in the hair to fix color.

To avoid yellow or orange color, it is recommended that most people stay within two shades of their natural hair color when dyeing the hair.