How Do You Fix Squeaky Shoes?


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One of the easiest ways to fix a squeaky shoe is to lift up the inner sole of the shoe and apply a lubricant, such as WD-40 or baby powder, to the bottom of the inside of the shoe. A squeaky shoe is typically the result of parts of the shoe rubbing against one another, and something such as baby powder causes the seams of the shoe to become more slick so that rubbing together no longer causes sounds.

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If the simple solution does not work, determine exactly where on the shoe the squeaky sounds are coming from. If the noise comes from the heel, verify that the heel is not starting to come loose from the rest of the shoe. If there is a gap, use superglue on the seams around the heel and hold it together until the glue sets.

If the squeaks appear to come from the tongue and laces area, put some saddle soap on the tongue and continue to reapply until the noise is gone. For squeaky leather shoes, use silicone spray instead of other lubricants, such as WD-40, because silicone spray does not damage leather. If nothing seems to work, try applying a coat of shoe conditioner to the whole exterior of the shoe.

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