How Do You Fix a Snag in Fabric?

fix-snag-fabric Credit: Scott Robinson/CC-BY-2.0

Fix a snag in a garment by gently stretching it to pull the thread back into place. For longer snags, hide the fibers by pushing or pulling them to the back of the fiber and securing the thread to hold it in place. The process takes less than 15 minutes.

  1. Stretch the fabric

    Stretch the area around the snag. If the thread is short, it often pulls back into place with little other action.

  2. Hide the snag

    If stretching does not pull the snag back into place, use a needle to push it back behind the fabric. Use the blunt end nearest the eye to press it through the cloth. For longer snags, thread the fibers through the eye of the needle. For shorter fibers that you cannot push through using the blunt end, fold a piece of thread in half, and thread the loop through the eye. Place the loop around the snagged fibers, and pull them into place.

  3. Secure the thread in place

    Secure the thread to ensure the snag does not work back through the fabric. For small snags, apply a dot of clear fingernail polish on the thread, and allow it to dry so that it no longer fits through the hole. For longer fibers, tie a knot near the hole.