How Do You Fix a Ring That Is Too Big for a Finger?

fix-ring-big-finger Credit: Mats Silvan/Moment Open/Getty Images

To fix a ring that is too big for the finger it rests upon, apply something to the inner side of the bottom, such as a liquid rubber solution like Cushion Solution or a ring guard. You need one of the following: Cushion Solution, a ring guard or adhesive moleskin.

  1. Apply Cushion Solution

    Apply a thin layer of the Cushion Solution substance to the inner side of the bottom of the ring. Allow the solution to dry overnight. If the solution makes the ring too small and causes the finger to swell, scrape the layer off. Apply a thinner layer or attempt a different solution.

  2. Attach a ring guard

    Purchase a ring guard that matches the material of the ring, or purchase one that is transparent. Attach the guard to the inside of the bottom of the ring, and slide it up or down until the ring is a perfect fit.

  3. Attach an adhesive material

    Apply an adhesive material as a last resort solution. Cut a piece of adhesive moleskin that is as wide as the ring. Attach the adhesive to the inner side of the ring. Apply as many layers as needed until the ring fits perfectly on your finger.