How Do You Fix Over-Plucked Eyebrows?

How Do You Fix Over-Plucked Eyebrows?

Fix your over-plucked eyebrows by using a pencil or shadow to make them look fuller. Gently exfoliate the brows, and tweeze only stray hairs until your brows grow back in.

  1. Select a pencil or shadow

    Find an eyebrow pencil or eye shadow that matches the color of your eyebrows. If you want a crisp, defined look, choose a pencil. If you prefer a softer look, opt for a shadow, and choose a small brush applicator.

  2. Fill in your eyebrows

    Use your pencil or shadow to fill in the over-plucked areas of your eyebrows. Avoid a fake look by extending the color just past your brow line. Blend the color with a brush or sponge, starting from the inside corner and moving to the outer edge.

  3. Exfoliate brows to encourage growth

    Use a sugar scrub or an exfoliating face wash to rinse the color out of your eyebrows at the end of the day. The exfoliating action helps the hair grow back faster and ensure the color does not clog your pores.

  4. Allow brows to grow back

    Stop tweezing your brows as you normally would. Instead, allow them to come back in row by row, starting with the row closest to your brows. In the meantime, pluck only the stray hairs that appear outside of the growing row.