How Do You Fix Orange Hair?

To fix orange tones in the hair, select a blue-based color, make a toning solution out of the color and conditioner, and apply the toner evenly to the hair. Process the toner, rinse it out and check the color of your hair.

  1. Buy hair color with a blue base

    Blue cancels out orange, so to tone orange out of the hair, look for blue-based hair color. Select a color that is one or two shades lighter than your color to avoid darkening your hair.

  2. Section the hair

    Create a part from forehead to the nape of the head and from ear to ear. Create four equal sections of hair, and clip each section.

  3. Mix the toner

    Put on protective gloves. Pour 1 ounce of 20 volume developer, 1 ounce of hair color and 2 ounces of conditioner into a color bottle. Shake well until the mixture is blended.

  4. Apply the color

    Working with 1/2-inch strands, apply the color from scalp to ends. Work the color into each strand for even distribution.

  5. Process the color

    Cover the hair with a plastic shower cap, and let it process for 20 minutes.

  6. Rinse out the color

    Use cool water to rinse out the hair color until the water runs clear. Shampoo and condition the hair.

  7. Check the color

    Blow dry the hair completely. Check the color of the hair in natural light to ensure the orange tones are gone. If the hair still appears brassy, repeat the toning process.