How Do You Fix Eyebrows?

To fix eyebrows that have been overplucked, allow them a few weeks to regrow into their original shape. Other options include using a growth serum, shaping eyebrows to flatter the face and filling out eyebrows with pencils or gels.

Generally, eyebrows will grow back into their natural shape around three to four weeks after being tweezed. Thinner brows may take around three months to regrow and, in some cases, may take an entire year to return to their natural shape.

To fix eyebrow shape, brush eyebrows up and out at an angle, and then apply a highlighter underneath the outer end of the eyebrow to create the illusion of an arch. Use eyebrow powders, pencils or gels to fill in sparse areas. Incorrectly colored eyebrows can be fixed using a tinted brow gel. Be sure not to press down too hard when brushing on tint to avoid getting color on the skin. Brow gels are also useful to tame unruly eyebrow hairs.

When shaping eyebrows, brush upward and trim ends of too-long hairs; then, brush downward and repeat this process. Holding a pencil parallel to the side of the bridge of the nose will show where brows should begin. Holding the pencil parallel to the outside corner of the iris will determine where the highest point of the eyebrow's arch should be. Hold the pencil at an angle extending from nose to the outside corner of the eye to determine where the eyebrow should end.