How Do You Fix Chemically Fried Hair?

How Do You Fix Chemically Fried Hair?

The only way to truly repair chemically damaged hair is to cut it off. Short of that dramatic step, a weekly ultrarich conditioning treatment is one of the best ways to heal dry, damaged hair

  1. Create a conditioning balm

    Add 2 tablespoons each of a rinse-out conditioner, a leave-in conditioner, a deep conditioner and a hair mask to a small bowl. Mix thoroughly.

  2. Apply balm to clean, damp hair

    Comb the conditioning balm through clean, damp hair. Concentrate the conditioner on the ends and midshaft of the hair.

  3. Use the microwave to heat two towels until steaming

    Thoroughly wet two large towels. Wring them out, and heat them individually in the microwave until steaming but still comfortable to the touch.

  4. Wrap hair in the steaming towel to help balm penetrate the hair

    Wrap hair in the hot towel, and leave in place until it cools down. The heat opens up the hair shaft and allows the conditioner to penetrate it.

  5. Heat the second towel, and replace the cool one

    Wrap the hair in the second towel as before. Repeat two to three more times.

  6. Rinse well and style

    Rinse hair thoroughly, and style gently. Avoid blow drying, and use any styling tools on low heat.