How Do You Fix a Broken Nail?

How Do You Fix a Broken Nail?

A broken nail can be fixed using super glue and a tea bag. Start by gathering super glue, a nail top coat, scissors, a nail file, a nail polish remover, a cotton pad and a tea bag. This procedure takes a few minutes.

  1. Cut the tea bag

    Empty the tea bag. Using scissors, cut a rectangular strip from the tea bag that fits the broken area of your nail. Blow off any tea remains from the cut strip.

  2. File your nail

    Using the nail file, the broken area of your nail to create a smooth surface. If necessary, buff your nail bed lightly to make it smooth and even for better results.

  3. Apply super glue, and stick the tea bag to the nail

    Apply a thin layer of super glue on the torn area, and place the tea bag. Press the tea bag lightly with your finger to stick it bag to the nail. Apply a second thin layer of super glue to reinforce the bond. Wait for a few seconds for the super glue to dry, and apply a final third thin layer of super glue.

  4. Trim the paper, and apply nail polish remover and the top coat

    Use scissors to trim the excess tea bag paper to make it flush with your nail . Put nail polish remover on the cotton pad, and rub off the excess super glue residue and seal your damaged disguise with a top coat.